What questions should you ask the agency to understand if it’s right for you?

What questions should you ask the agency to understand if it’s right for you?

– What is the average price of the properties you have sold in the last year?

– How many sales in the neighborhood have you made in the last year?

Of course, if the answers have nothing to do with your type of sale, skip ahead if you want to avoid a colossal waste of time and money

And since trusting is good but not trusting is better, to understand if the real estate agency is really as specialized as it says, I also advise you to check on its bulletin board if it has many other properties for sale in your area. If not, forget it… the answers are not convincing at all. Among other things, I also advise you to check how the agency presents the properties it has for sale.  If you see photos of toilet seats raised, blinds lowered, blurry photos or photos of people passing by, images that are too dark or too bright, cluttered scenes, etc… just run away!

A well-presented home is much more likely to sell quickly and at a good price, so if the agency doesn’t present its properties well, it means they’re not doing their job. BIt will also be useful for you to read the announcement.

If the text is too short, it’s not good. In order to be convincing, it must in fact be descriptive and analytical, while leaving a window to the imagination of the potential client with some details on the area and potential of the house.

Writing the announcement is an art that leaves no room for approximations and improvisations. If the agency you are considering is not capable of doing this, it means that it is not serious.

In this market segment, we know perfectly the trend of prices, supply and demand.  This allows us to correctly evaluate your property and therefore sell it more quickly, earning you an amount that reflects its real value. Furthermore, we are deeply rooted in the area and we can deliver the announcement directly to people who are looking for a purchase of this type.

Published by Jennifer Esseiva