Apples to Apples – Toledo Edison Rates

Toledo Edison Rates

Apples to Apples was created by the Public Utility Commission of Ohio to assist Ohio residents business owners and businesses price-shop for alternative energy providers. It gives customers the ability to compare and switch electricity suppliers which can help them save money on their utility bills.

How to Use Apples to Apples to Find an Electricity Supplier

You can start your search for the best Ohio electricity provider by entering your zip code on the Choose Energy website. The site will give you an overview of all the energy providers that are available in your area. It will also allow you to compare their prices as well as contract terms and other essential details.

What is the current PTC (Price to Compare) rate for Toledo Edison?

The PTC rate is an approved pass-through rate by PUCO that represents the actual cost to toledo edison for electricity generation. The PTC rate is only in effect for a few months, and it may change according to the seasons.

What are my electric customer rights?

The Apples to Apples website provides details on every aspect of electricity service, including your rights as consumers, how to file complaints and who to contact. It also outlines how you can examine your electric meter and the steps you must to follow to switch your electricity provider.

First Energy is a subsidiary to the nationally traded electric utility company. It serves northwest Ohio. It produces, supplies, and distributes electricity in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey.