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What Is The Most Common Reason A Home Fails To Sell?

What Is The Most Common Reason A Home Fails To Sell?

Questioning whether you need to hire an agent or not? Wondering what the average seller discount is these days? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re selling your first home or your tenth, homes fail to sell for a number of reasons and we’re going to help with that challenge. Visit here to learn more.

Reasons Homes Fail To Sell:

The price is too high

You’ve done all the right things and listed your home at the right price, but it’s still lingering on the market. If it’s been on the market for more than 30 days, it may be time to shave off some dollars from your asking price to attract a wider range of buyers.

The sellers refused to make repairs or upgrades

When you’re putting your home on the market, resist the urge to do minor upgrades here and there yourself. While you may think they’ll make your home more attractive, you risk making it look like it requires a complete overhaul – or worse, it could even put off potential buyers.

The timing was wrong

The market conditions can always be unpredictable but there are ways to get a better sense of the timing for your particular home. Try checking our Market Summary page for the most up-to-date statistics on when homes in your area typically sell and at what price.

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There’s something wrong with the home

It’s a little thing but it could kill your home’s chances at selling. Make sure every nook and cranny of your home is clean, as this can help potential buyers imagine themselves living there. Cracks in the walls, paper-thin paint and poor flooring can all put off potential buyers.

It’s not move-in ready yet

If your home is still under construction or in a state of disrepair, you might want to hold off on selling it until it’s ready. Potential buyers will always notice if large projects like new flooring are incomplete or there are small repairs that need to be fixed.

The buyers’ expectations were not met

If the buyer wasn’t satisfied with the home’s condition after seeing it, the home’s chance of selling is slim. It’s easy to live with a house that looks good until you move in, but if you can’t get your home up to snuff right away, your buyer will be turned off.

Published by Jennifer Esseiva