The advantages of eCommerce

The advantages of eCommerce

Integrating the eCommerce module brings numerous advantages for both users and potential customers. Let’s see which ones.

  1. Password: user-friendly

Forget about walls of text, outdated graphics, and cumbersome pages. With eCommerce you can create captivating and user-friendly product pages, able to guide the customer towards completing the order. You can customize the look, layout, color and theme of your online shop Microsoft dynamics 360 business central.

Forget cart abandonment too -driven checkout process is quick and easy to understand. It’s also possible to make the payment in one step, making the transaction as short as possible to prevent the prospect from having second thoughts or getting annoyed by a contrived process.

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  1. Customer database for multi-channel activities

The integration of eCommerce allows companies to maintain a large customer database containing valuable information about past purchases, favorite product lists ( wishlists ) and browsing history. This data can be used for targeted, high conversion rate marketing campaigns. In addition to this, information of this nature offers suggestions for improvement for changes to the website or the app version.

  1. Integrated shipping

By integrating the eCommerce module it is possible to directly manage the product shipping process. Shipping rules can be specified and described along with the integration of various shipping carriers.

The customer can receive the tracking of the shipment and check its progress directly from the eCommerce.

  1. Payment flexibility

The ideology is to offer the user the possibility to select their preferred service provider. This is also the case for payments. Payment methods cannot rely only on cash and checks, but must be integrated with various new generation online payment methods.

Published by Jennifer Esseiva