A few details about Nahas Realty & Investments and how they are different from rest?

The property market in Nevada is expanding, especially for homes that have recently undergone improvements. Have you put off attending to your home’s needs due to budgetary concerns? Everywhere there are long waitlists for contractors, and their prices have increased. Would you prefer to sell immediately in order to avoid the lengthy process? or tens of thousands of dollars in improvements and repairs before you even consider listing? In that case, selling to us directly can be a great option for you. In Henderson, we buy homes in their current condition with no need for upkeep or repairs. Working with them will simplify and streamline the selling process. You must, however, cover the costs of upkeep while the house is on the market, pay your realtor 3-6% of the sale price, and handle any necessary cleaning or modifications in advance. Visit for more information.

More things to know about them

They will take care of cleaning the house for you so you never have to worry about it for open houses or daily showings. Have the repairs piled up as a result of your inability to cover them all? No problem! They will afterwards look after them for you. There are no commissions because they never impose them. They intend to gain money afterwards by making repairs to your home and working to sell it themselves. For your safety, complete confidentiality and privacy are maintained.

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