Which functions must a modern wage program contain?

Payroll accounting is complex and there are many legal requirements to be observed. It is all the more important when selecting the software to ensure that it contains all the services that are necessary for correct payroll software accounting:

Intuitive user interface: Easy operation ensures that you can do all of your payroll accounting with little effort and without outside help.

State-of-the-art legislation: The software must always take into account all current legal requirements when creating payroll accounting.

Management of all data: The wage program should offer the possibility of clearly managing both the employee master data and the various wage types and health insurance companies of your employees.

Electronic data transmission: You need payroll accounting software with which you can transmit proof of contributions, contributions to pension funds and social security reports directly to the social security agency.

payroll software

Companies certificate: Make sure that the payroll accounting software is certified by the statutory health insurance companies. This gives you the security of correctly transmitting all reports to the social security agencies.

ELSTER interface: This enables you to send wage and personnel data as well as wage tax certificates and declarations to the tax office with a click of the mouse.

Integrated online banking: Modern wage programs offer an online banking module so that you can transfer wages and salaries to your employees with just a few clicks.

Accounting for special cases: Your software should also be able to account for mini-jobs and part-time activities as well as low-income earners and multiple employees in addition to the usual wage types.

Support from assistants: Payroll programs with integrated assistants that guide you through the entire payroll process are very practical. Because they ensure that no mistakes happen.