Say Goodbye to Traditional Sales: Sell Your House for Cash Now

Say Goodbye to Traditional Sales: Sell Your House for Cash Now

The traditional method of buying and selling a house has been steadily changing over the past decade. Sellers are now being offered the option to sell their home direct-to-buyer, with cash, and without the hassle of going through all of the hassles that come with a traditional sale process. Here are ways to say goodbye to traditional sales:

Say Goodbye to Open Houses and Showings

There is no need to open your house up to the public, or let strangers into your home. In a traditional sale, a homeowner is forced to endure the discomforts of strangers coming in and out of their home for showings. Explore here for details.

Say Goodbye to Appraisal Hassles

Appraisals can have the potential to create headaches for a homeowner, especially when their home is worth less than what they owe on it. In a traditional sale, an appraisal contingency can be the thing that puts an end to a purchase.

Say Goodbye to “For Sale by Owner” Hassles

It is quite possible for a FSBO seller to bring his or her sale to completion, but it does not come without the hassle of negotiating with buyers and agents. A traditional sale has the potential to bring out deal breakers in a prospective buyer, since they can be unaware of the true cost of owning a home.

Say Goodbye to Broker Fees and Expenses 

A traditional sale is not cheap, since you are surrendering ownership of your property. There are fees associated with preparing the paperwork, including brokers’ commissions, attorneys’ fees and appraisals.

Say Goodbye to a Delayed Sale

There is no need to worry about dealing with deadlines when you are selling your home direct-to-buyer. In a traditional sale, homeowners have the potential to lose their sale if they miss the closing date.

Say Goodbye to Hassles of Rehabilitation

You will not have the stress of dealing with all of the hassles and headaches associated with having to fix up your home in order to sell it, when you sell it direct-to-buyer.

Say Goodbye to a “For Sale by Owner” Listing

You will not have to worry about making a sales pitch to the people who see your home when it is listed as FSBO.

Say Goodbye to the Stress of Selling

If you are selling your home direct-to-buyer, you will not have the pressure of having other people depending on you to sell it, as traditional sales usually require sellers to be actively searching for buyers.

Published by Jennifer Esseiva